Can you help with club photos, match reports, etc.?

Monagea GAA over the last 12 months have been working on developing a website which will host all content for the club and act as a resource for up to date fixtures, league tables and match reports for both the senior and juvenile grades. While content has been gathered from our current social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), Weekly Observer Notes and the previous Monagea GAA webpage, much content is missing throughout the years.


If you have any content relevant to the club, be it photos (old or new, digital or paper), match write-ups or anything else that is appropriate please contact us.


While I have tried to be as precise as possible while developing this website,  I will without a doubt have made errors. If you notice errors on any of the pages please do contact the club through the contact page or through the Facebook page, and I will endeavour to correct them as soon as possible.

Running a Club Website:

Running a club website and making sure everything is up to date is a difficult task, however having a number of contributors will significantly reduce the burden on everyone. If you are a member of the club who often attends games, takes pictures or have an interest in website maintenance  and you would like to be involved then please do contact us through this website or the Facebook page, as a team is currently being put in place for the 2018 season.

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